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2017 Rules & Guidelines

(Complete Rules for each Division are posted in the Gym)


2017 Girls Div. Rules (PDF file)

2017 Boys Div. Rules (PDF file)




• HBYB is an "Everyone Plays" league. Every player must play at least half of every game. Coaches who do not abide by this most basic and important rule are not being fair to the players who don't get to play, nor to the parents of those players. These coaches are also not being fair to the other teams who do honor the rule. What they are doing is breaking one of the most important rules in order to gain an unfair competitive advantage. The penalty for not playing each player at least half of each game is forfeiture of that game. Repeated violations may result in a coach's dismissal.

• It is the policy of HBYB to try to form teams that are as evenly matched as possible. However, some teams wind up stronger than others. It can be needlessly embarrassing to the players on the losing team to be defeated by large point margins. For this reason we have the 25 point rule. If the referee determines that any team is exhibiting unsportsmanlike conduct, that team will forfeit the game.


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