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Goals and Policies

The League is divided into six boys’ divisions and four girls’ divisions. All games are conducted in the Hermosa Beach Pier Avenue Community Center Gym.

Each year seems to bring new levels of interest, along with certain challenges. In an effort to afford each league player and his or her parent(s) the optimal experience during this season, we offer this overview of league objectives and guidelines.

Ideally, youth basketball should provide a competitive environment where instruction is emphasized and good sportsmanship and playing skills are developed. In the younger divisions, strict compliance with rules will be de-emphasized in favor of the development of basic concepts and skills. As the players mature, application of the rules will be gradually tightened, and hopefully the fundamental skills will improve, permitting an advanced level of play.

Policy: HBYBL feels it is quite important to convey as positive an image as possible. While basketball is by nature an emotional game, coaches, referees and participants are requested to conduct themselves responsibly to enhance the enjoyment of all. Specifically, referees are to be respected and proper treatment of the City-owned facilities, such as the gym, is expected and has become a high priority in recent years at the request of the City.

Schedules: The scheduling of games and practices in the gym is very tight, and everyone should appreciate how important it is to strictly adhere to starting times. It is the responsibility of both referees and coaches to make sure the games are over before the scheduled start time of the next game. Each coach has the responsibility of not allowing the coaches in the preceding game to run late, and should not expect the coaches of the game that follows to agree to start late! If a team gets a late start or a game is delayed for any reason, either the practice time must be shortened or, at the discretion of the referee, the game may be shortened in order to accomplish keeping on schedule.

Gym Cleanup: It is the responsibility of the last teams on any day’s schedule to clean up the Gym before they leave. The tables and chairs must be put away in the storage room at the east end of the Gym. All trash must be picked up from the floor, and the trash cans should be emptied outside in the dumpster. The score board controller, score books, etc., as well as any lost clothing or balls, should be locked away in the HBYBL storage locker at the west end of the Gym. (The referees have a key, and one is also in the office at the Pier Avenue entrance.) Coaches of the last game of the day are responsible for asking parents for help before the game and for seeing that cleanup is completed after the game, with or without help. Coaches at all games are required to insist that the fans remove their personal items, cans, and debris at the end of their game to ease the burden on the last team of the day.
This is a persistent and sensitive issue, and failure to improve our track record in this regard could result in loss of the use of the Gym. Coaches are required to enlist parental support, and repeated failure to provide for assistance in maintaining the Gym will result in forfeiture or cancellation of games, again under direction of the Board.

Rules: The rules are published for each division along with rosters, schedules, and the like. This should advance both fan understanding and the quality of the game. Their application by referees in a subjective environment such as a basketball game, while hopefully competent, will not be perfect - that is impossible in any sport. Excessive yelling, harassment or activity which threatens gym security will not be tolerated. Referees can, in extreme cases, will discontinue the game or eject unruly persons, as appropriate. Please note that, given the tight game schedule, no one other than team players scheduled to play will be allowed on the court between quarters, halves or games. Coaches are required to assist referees in implementing league policy for both schedule and safety reasons.

In addition, post-season playoffs, awards and, in certain divisions, all-star formats will be offered and developed as desired by the responsible League Commissioners. Playoff schedules are set but may be modified as gym and scheduling requirements dictate.

The League Bulletin Board will be kept and updated weekly. Scorekeepers and timekeepers should be routinely provided by each team to assist referees prior to the game. The official scorebook must be deposited in the wooden box in the Gym at the end of each segment of divisional play for the games to count as official games. Failure to do so may result in loss of a victory in divisions where standings are kept. A lack of adherence to this policy undermines the quality of the standings. At the end of the year, coaches are requested to return the balls.

Please remember that observance of these basic policies will promote the quality of this volunteer league and ensure its integrity. We look forward to a competitive and entertaining year in each division. And, by the way, have lots of fun!

City of Hermosa Beach Youth Basketball League
2009 Season


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