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Code of Ethics & League Guidelines

Division Commissioners, Coaches & Parents

To All Parents:  Please read this document in its entirety.  This document lays out exactly how HBYB is governed.  This is good information for the parents of all HBYB participants to know.

Read below or download here: HBYB Code of Ethics PDF


Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity are the fundamental components of the HBYB program.  Each team, player, parent and fan must fulfill their respective roles and responsibilities to ensure the awareness and practice of Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity.


Provide a fun, positive, family oriented activity for players of all skill levels, as well as coaches, parents, and fans.
Promote the values of character, courtesy, fair play, good sportsmanship, and hard work.
Provide a positive environment in which each player's skills can grow.


This new policy is for parents or coaches with a prior disciplinary issue. Before being allowed to coach in the HBYB league, parents or past coaches who have had any prior disciplinary action taken against them, must come before the HBYB Disciplinary Committee or sign a secondary agreement guaranteeing they will adhere to the code of ethics. In addition, if it is found that any rules outlined by HBYB are broken, they will be removed immediately as a coach.



Coaches must be aware that the examples they set through their own behavior on and off the court have a tremendous influence, either good or bad, on each and every player, parent and fan.  Coaches should never place the value of winning above the value of instilling the highest possible ideals of character in their players.  There are many ways in which the coaches set examples for everyone involved.


• Respect for players.  Coaches should endeavor always to be courteous and positive to all players, especially their own.

• Respect for opponents.  Coaches should exchange friendly greetings before and after each game.  Coaches should encourage the traditional team handshakes after every game.  Each Coach should congratulate all the players on both teams, regardless of the game’s outcome.

• Respect for officials.  Remember that HBYB is a youth league, not the NBA, and that the officials will make mistakes.   Nevertheless, officials shall have the respect and support of the coaches at all times.   Coaches shall not indulge in conduct which is disrespectful or abusive of officials, or which incites players or spectators against officials.   No coach, player, parent or fan will confront and/or have physical contact with any referee during, before or after any basketball game.   Coaches are ultimately responsible for players, parents and fans that participate at these games.   If you are unhappy with an official, report this to your division commissioner.   Do not confront the official.

• Referees will have the discretion to give any coach, player or fan a technical foul.   If a player receives 2 technical fouls in a single game, he will be ejected from that game.   If a coach receives 2 technical fouls in a single game that coach must leave the gym.   Both of these cases will result in a 1 game suspension of offending player or coach.

• Absolutely no coach, player or parent will approach any official, coach, player or parent in a hostile or threatening manner before, during or after any game.  If this takes place the coach, player or parent will automatically be suspended from the gym for the entire season.


• Any concerns or complaints with policies, rules, players, parents, referees or other coaches need to be addressed one-on-one with your Coach.  If the Coach cannot resolve the problem, then the Coach will advise the Division Commissioner.   If the issue cannot be resolved by the Division Commissioner, then the League Commissioner will be advised by the Division Commissioner.

• There will be no chain cc e-mails with regard to complaints.  The League feels this is an unproductive way to handle issues that come up from time-to-time during the season.   All complaints will be handled on a one-on-one basis with the proper league official until resolved.  Any coach or parent that writes and/or sends a complaining chain cc e-mail will be doing so against HBYB league rules.  These actions will result in a review of findings from the League Commissioner and could possibly lead to the expulsion of the family(ies) that originated and/or participated in the creation and/or the forwarding of the e-mail.


• HBYB is an “Everyone Play’s” league.  Every player must play at least half of every game.  Coaches who do not abide by this most basic and important rule are not being fair to the players who don’t get to play and the parents of those players.  These coaches are also not being fair to the other teams who do honor the rule.  What they are doing is breaking one of the most important rules in order to gain an unfair competitive advantage.  The penalty for not playing each player at least half of each game is forfeiture of that game.  Repeated violations may result in a coach’s dismissal.

• It is the policy of HBYB to try to form teams that are that are as evenly matched as possible.  However, some teams wind up stronger than others.  It can be needlessly embarrassing to the players on the losing team to be defeated by large point margins.  For this reason we have the 25 point rule.   If the referee determines that any team is exhibiting unsportsmanlike conduct, that team will forfeit the game.

There are many ways in which coaches can avoid a blow-out.

• Substitute less skilled player for more skilled players.  It won’t hurt your star player to sit on the bench.

• Restrict shooting by more skilled players – allow only less skilled players to shoot.  This will reduce your team’s scoring, and will also be more fun for the less skilled players.  Instruct your players to try to ensure that every player on the team scores – this can be fun for all of them.

• Pass the ball more often to less skilled players.  They gain valuable experience handling the ball, and the other team has a better chance of stealing the ball and scoring.

• Have your defensive players back off – don’t press, don’t defend past the red line, don’t guard opponents as closely.  This is as important as restricting your team’s scoring.


• The rules of HBYB are set in stone by the League’s Board of Directors.  No Division Commissioner or Coach can change an HBYB rule.  The same rules apply during the regular season and the post-season.

• A Commissioner can always add another player to a team any time during the season as long as the number of players on the team does not exceed 8.


• Boys & Girls, Kindergarteners and 1st Graders: Maximum of 1 hour of practice per week.  Mandatory 30 minutes of practice in the gym before the weekly game and an optional 30 minute practice per week outside the gym for a total of no more than 1 hour of practice per week.

• Boys & Girls, 2nd Graders thru 8th Graders: Maximum of 1 hour of practice outside the gym per week.

• If a Coach is found to be practicing more than what is stipulated here there will be 1 warning issued to the Coach.  The 2nd infraction will lead to the suspension of the Coach for the rest of the season.


• The League's expectations are that the Coaches and Division Commissioners are committed to participate in any and all league initiatives, i.e. fundraisers.

All commissioners and coaches must sign the Code of Ethics form. Parents are required to read it and keep it on file.

Download here: " HBYB Code of Ethics PDF


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